Blue Cruiser Partner Program

If the services you offer have something to do with the Mekong Delta area of Vietnam and Cambodia, you have a chance to be our partner. Be a part of our success! When you join our Partner Program, you'll generate extra revenue and increase the value of your services thanks to the quality of our speedboat services tours and programs.

We provide you with the tools you need to begin selling your services in Vietnam and Cambodia. Our Blue Cruiser programs makes your client's travel one of the most comprehensive and lucrative travel programs in Vietnam and Cambodia. By becoming a Blue Cruiser partner, you can create a powerful travel tool, offering your customers quick, easy and relaxing access to the wonderful world of Mekong Delta of Vietnam and Cambodia.

Your benefits

The Blue Cruiser Program offers a complete plan for marketing your travel services on Mekong Delta Vietnam and Cambodia. We've designed our program to be both competitive and comprehensive, allowing you to maximize the revenue you earn from your services sold to Blue Cruiser's customers. The Blue Cruiser Partner Program allows you to focus your efforts on selling travel on Mekong Delta Vietnam and Cambodia, and let us securely, professionally handle the speedboat tours and programs. We take care of and provide customer service for visitors. We also list your services on our website including your logo, banners linking to your detailed page on Blue Cruiser.

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